Mythic Paint

We believe in Mythic Paint, and use it exclusively on all of our projects.

Mythic is a revolutionary new high-performance paint line designed specifically to protect your health and the environment. Traditional household paints contain cancer-causing toxins that can still be released into the air years after drying. But Mythic Paint has been scientifically formulated to offer all the premium qualities of conventional water-based paints without the need for toxic solvents.

What does this mean for our clients? Zero VOC’s (VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds which can vaporize and enter the environment, and have been shown to contribute to human illnesses and ‘sick building syndrome’), zero harmful toxins released into the air and homes, and virtually no unpleasant odor during painting. Plus, Mythic Paint comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

It’s not just good for people and the environment, it’s the only paint good enough to be used on every R.C. Torre Construction project.

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